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Greek yogurt…a new addition

Greek yogurt…at first, I wondered why bother paying so much more for just yogurt? Then…I tried it. It’s non-fat (the versions I’ve used are), but it’s amazingly creamy.  It tastes good plain, unlike regular yogurt, which doesn’t taste good to … Continue reading

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Cheesecake strikes again…

I’m not the queen of cheesecake in our family, but I did introduce the queen to the concept, which I suppose is some consolation to losing the crown, right?  It is the highest compliment to the teacher when the student … Continue reading

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Philadelphia-style cheesecake with gingerbread crust

On the Gulf Coast today, it was cold, windy, dreary, and threatening rain.  There were also some threats of coastal flooding with tides running 2-3 feet above normal, along with some horrible statements about the possibility of sleet or (insert … Continue reading

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Hungarian style cabbage and noodles

Meatless dishes are economical dishes to make, especially when served as the main course.  Even when served alongside meat based foods, they help to make the meal seem more bountiful and sumptuous than the budget for the dinner really was.  … Continue reading

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