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Poverty recipes

Poverty recipes…it sounds dreadful, but they aren’t.  They are often delicious, as well as often are comfort foods.  What they are is the foods we can make when our budgets have gone from merely sobbing after a trip to the … Continue reading

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Carne picada again?

That oh-so-conveniently finely cut beef referred to as carne picada makes a repeat appearance in another recipe, this time using a variety of vegetables and the Gulf Coast’s beloved rice.  For quick cooking, all of the vegetables are finely cut, … Continue reading

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White chicken with basmati rice

I haven’t been particularly good about posting recipes and information the past few months.  So…as a way of apologizing for the fact that I have been very busy with that strange thing called “life”, here’s a recipe that is sure … Continue reading

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Old time school lunches, comfort food, and today

When I was a child, going off to school and being confronted with school lunches was an eye opening experience.  For one thing, we were forced to eat our entire lunch, something that would never happen today.  But, for me, … Continue reading

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Summer colds with chicken and rice

Sometimes, one of those respiratory viruses that my mother would dub “creeping crud” will strike in summer.  I just call them colds, but there is no level of misery worse than a summer cold.  The heat and humidity, thunderstorms and … Continue reading

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Do-it-yourself wedding reception

I’m planning a wedding reception with a budget that would make most brides cry…and not from joy.  I need to stretch the dollars like I’m in biblical times and I’ve got some fishes and loaves of bread.  Obviously that leaves … Continue reading

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Old El Paso’s Tortilla Stuffers, a review

Old El Paso’s Tortilla Stuffers were new to me in the grocery store.  They may have been plastered all over the television and magazines, but somehow, I’d never heard of them.  I was in the grocery store, hoping to come … Continue reading

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Too much food? Pork Jumble Liar

Have you ever prepared a dish or a meal, using the right amount of the core ingredients (like meat) for the number of servings, but somehow…it grew? And then grew some more? I honestly had NO plans for feeding the … Continue reading

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Easy pork and rice dinner

Sometimes, we don’t want exciting, and we don’t have time for fussy.  We just want dinner, and we need it to nearly cook itself. Pork and rice dinner is just that–simple, no exotic seasonings, no fuss, quick to throw together … Continue reading

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One Pot Mexican Rice

This time of year, there’s a lot going on.  The weather is beautiful, and who wants to waste time cooking and washing dishes?  Save that for when its too hot to hang around outside! So, one pot meals, especially when … Continue reading

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