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Brussels sprouts?

Brussel sprouts are one vegetable that many people avoid, usually as a result of an encounter with bitter, strong flavored ones that had hung out in a vegetable bin far too long.  Frozen ones rarely exhibit that unpleasant flavor because … Continue reading

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Pork chops make for an easy supper

Pork chops are a Gulf Coast standard.  There are as many ways to cook them as there are cooks who cook them.  All too often, today’s pork ends up dry, tasteless, and less-than-wonderful as a main dish.  This particular recipe, … Continue reading

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New Years Day and what we’re really eating

It’s New Year’s Day, and while a lot is written about lucky foods and whatnot, what are people REALLY eating today? I can’t answer that question for the world, or even the Gulf Coast, but I can tell you what … Continue reading

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Leftovers-friend or foe?

Leftovers are getting a bad rap.  People wrinkle their noses and act as though they are about to be faced with shoe gruel for their next meal.  It shouldn’t be that way.  Leftovers are the hurried cook’s best friend! Planning … Continue reading

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