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The wedding gathering-staying in our budget

We’re having our wedding the end of the month, GM & I.  We also had a small budget for the occasion, and wanted to make sure that we had fun, our guests enjoyed themselves, and we stayed within the budget. … Continue reading

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Do-it-yourself wedding reception

I’m planning a wedding reception with a budget that would make most brides cry…and not from joy.  I need to stretch the dollars like I’m in biblical times and I’ve got some fishes and loaves of bread.  Obviously that leaves … Continue reading

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What are you “fixing for Easter dinner”?

It’s funny how we talk sometimes, and when the words are typed out onto the screen…it looks funnier. “What are you fixing for Easter dinner?” When I was a kid, I knew pretty much what the line-up would be. Ham, … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving dinner-the menu

Deciding on the menu for a holiday dinner is a tough job, but the sooner it is done, the sooner that the shopping can be done, and the greater the chances of success seasoned by minimal stress.  So how is … Continue reading

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