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Dinner tonight is turkey?

Let’s face it, we’ve just come out of the “turkey season” for roast turkey.  A lot of people regard turkey as something they eat twice a year…Thanksgiving and Christmas, and don’t touch for the remaining ten months of the year. … Continue reading

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Garbanzo beans or chick peas

Have you ever cooked dry garbanzo beans, also known as chick peas? They are these rather large and lumpy looking tan balls, very roundish and reminiscent of peas, at least to me.  I remember trying to cook them once, but … Continue reading

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Tater puff casserole is the ultimate comfort food meal

Comfort food…that mysterious term that connects the human stomach to the human psyche…and leaves us lost still.  In reality, it usually indicates a simple and inexpensive food that is often associated with our childhoods and that sensation that the world … Continue reading

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Leftover turkey ideas with recipes for people (and dogs!)

I know that most people haven’t even put their turkey into the oven yet.  No one has sampled the perfectly cooked beastie, and yet here I am already talking about the leftovers.  There is method to my madness. Sometimes thinking … Continue reading

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Leftovers-friend or foe?

Leftovers are getting a bad rap.  People wrinkle their noses and act as though they are about to be faced with shoe gruel for their next meal.  It shouldn’t be that way.  Leftovers are the hurried cook’s best friend! Planning … Continue reading

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