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Enchilada sauce–the real deal, not the copycat can

Do you enjoy Mexican food? How about enchilada sauce? How many cans of it have you bought in the last year?  Have you noticed that the prices are steadily rising on it? Wouldn’t you like to save some money? Enchilada … Continue reading

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Working on new recipes…it’s the banana foster pie pursuit again!

They say that the third time is the charm, right? Oh, lordy, do I hope so! The first two attempts were not what I’d call “successful.”  The second one was so bad, I fed it to the dogs, literally.  Out … Continue reading

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Stocking up, planning ahead, and gardening

I’m a huge advocate of gardening. Oh, I don’t mean being all serious about it, plowing most of your backyard up, and then devoting your life to eradicating weeds and tomato worms.  There’s no fun in that!  But, even on … Continue reading

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Budget wise white sauce

Once upon a time, every good cook frequently made white sauce.  That was in the days before canned goods had the variety and safety they do today.  While canned goods are tastier and safer than ever, they are also becoming … Continue reading

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The cost of creative cooking and sticking to your budget

We all find those fantastic recipes we can’t wait to try…but have to wait to try because we can’t afford some or all of the ingredients.  It wasn’t always that way for most of us, so being in the position … Continue reading

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In search of that recipe…

Most of us, at one point or another, has lost a favored recipe for whatever reason.  Sometimes its a disaster, such as flood, fire or hurricane, other times it’s as simple as misplaced or accidently thrown away.  On occasion, we’re … Continue reading

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Another day, not enough dollars

Keeping on your budget means you have to keep on  your toes, and the tighter that budget is, the more important it is to you.  It doesn’t really matter if you are watching your dimes and dollars to take a … Continue reading

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