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November baking: I just don’t feel like it!

There are days when no matter how devoted we may be to an idea, we just aren’t up to it. Today, that’s one of them.  I just didn’t feel like going through my recipes and actually baking something.  I pulled … Continue reading

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Fair or unfair? Breasts and Walmart?

I bought some chicken breasts in Pascagoula, Mississippi today at Walmart.  They were on sale for $1.88, easily making them among the least expensive meat purchases for the week. That’s what I thought anyhow. Bringing the chicken breasts home, for … Continue reading

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Another day, not enough dollars

Keeping on your budget means you have to keep on  your toes, and the tighter that budget is, the more important it is to you.  It doesn’t really matter if you are watching your dimes and dollars to take a … Continue reading

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Cures for the budget minded cook

Its not uncommon for families to have to “make-do” with cutting back on the grocery budget, as that is often the only place the budget has to “flex” to cover increased costs for other items or to cope with a … Continue reading

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Steamed puddings, plum pudding, and an easy winter dessert

I’ll admit it, I make plum pudding each year for Christmas.  I have a lot of recipes for plum pudding, and it isn’t the same each year.  It’s always different.  Some years, it has no candied fruit and is made … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas!

Sometimes, the best laid plans of the most serious cook go awry. You run out of time, out of propane, out of ingredients, or just plain out of energy to complete the task.  Children, pets, spouses, jobs, friends…all need attention … Continue reading

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Tom and Jerry batter

Tom and Jerry’s are a hot alcoholic beverage and require a batter as the base for this mysterious drink.  The batter is put in a cup with a jigger of whichever kind of alcohol is preferred, then topped off with … Continue reading

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