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Poverty recipes

Poverty recipes…it sounds dreadful, but they aren’t.  They are often delicious, as well as often are comfort foods.  What they are is the foods we can make when our budgets have gone from merely sobbing after a trip to the … Continue reading

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The cost of creative cooking and sticking to your budget

We all find those fantastic recipes we can’t wait to try…but have to wait to try because we can’t afford some or all of the ingredients.  It wasn’t always that way for most of us, so being in the position … Continue reading

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Steamed puddings, plum pudding, and an easy winter dessert

I’ll admit it, I make plum pudding each year for Christmas.  I have a lot of recipes for plum pudding, and it isn’t the same each year.  It’s always different.  Some years, it has no candied fruit and is made … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas!

Sometimes, the best laid plans of the most serious cook go awry. You run out of time, out of propane, out of ingredients, or just plain out of energy to complete the task.  Children, pets, spouses, jobs, friends…all need attention … Continue reading

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Grandma’s baked beans

When I was a kid, no family get together was possible without Grandma’s baked beans. They were everyone’s favorite, served hot at the occasion, packed home in butter dishes for leftover meals and served cold, and retrieved from her refrigerator … Continue reading

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Tom and Jerry batter

Tom and Jerry’s are a hot alcoholic beverage and require a batter as the base for this mysterious drink.  The batter is put in a cup with a jigger of whichever kind of alcohol is preferred, then topped off with … Continue reading

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American food is on the brink of disaster

Don’t let your children and grandchildren go hungry or become sickly because you were too lazy, too busy, too uninformed, or too apathetic to do anything NOW to ensure that the American food supply remains one of the least expensive, most plentiful and diverse food supplies in the world. Continue reading

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A treasured cookbook and your legacy

I don’t have a lot of treasures, really.  I’ve learned, over the years, that the material things can vanish in the blink of an eye, and its the people that matter.  I’ve been burned out too, which left me with … Continue reading

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