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Perfect for Easter–Scotch Eggs

With Ash Wednesday, we begin Lent, which leads to Easter!  It’s fairly early this year, on March 31st, practically around the corner.  For many of us, it’s time to start planning our Easter menu too. Easter morning seems to always … Continue reading

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Egg Salad

Egg salad isn’t exactly exciting.  As a child, it was made for a sandwich filling when there wasn’t much else to do so with.  I never gave it much thought or cared that much for it.  As an adult, it … Continue reading

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Bread pudding, banana foster style

In terms of desserts, one of the most popular ones in New Orleans is bread pudding.  While living there, I tried a lot of them  and no matter how much the restaurant or home cook claimed that theirs was different … Continue reading

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Smaller cake recipe for smaller families

We all love dessert, but we all also don’t love their effects on our waists or our budgets!  So what is this answer to this terrible dilemma? Smaller desserts mean that we’re that much less tempted to have another slice! … Continue reading

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Learning to cheat as a cook

Several years ago, my daughter was mystified how I could “measure” things in the palm of my hand, and why she was completely incapable of doing so.   For the first time, I was teaching someone how to cheat on the … Continue reading

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The reality of food safety

The reality of food safety isn’t exactly what “Joe & Jane Average-Citizen” think it is.  It isn’t about ensuring that everyone has access to healthy, uncontaminated food with clearly written ingredient lists. It’s more about government and corporate control over … Continue reading

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Philadelphia-style cheesecake with gingerbread crust

On the Gulf Coast today, it was cold, windy, dreary, and threatening rain.  There were also some threats of coastal flooding with tides running 2-3 feet above normal, along with some horrible statements about the possibility of sleet or (insert … Continue reading

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