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SNAP (aka food stamp program)

On social media, I see a lot of commentary about the SNAP program and its recipients.  Most of these are assumptions that have no basis in truth.  Here are a few: Food stamp recipients are lazy and don’t want to … Continue reading

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Poverty recipes

Poverty recipes…it sounds dreadful, but they aren’t.  They are often delicious, as well as often are comfort foods.  What they are is the foods we can make when our budgets have gone from merely sobbing after a trip to the … Continue reading

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Old time school lunches, comfort food, and today

When I was a child, going off to school and being confronted with school lunches was an eye opening experience.  For one thing, we were forced to eat our entire lunch, something that would never happen today.  But, for me, … Continue reading

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Depression recipes–an old way to cope with our new economy

The current economy plagues everyone from Europe to the Gulf Coast.  Everyone is tightening their belts and trying to make their budgets stretch to cover increasingly high food prices while their income isn’t increasing at all…if it isn’t losing ground. … Continue reading

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Keeping the budget intact in the Pascagoula area with a picnic?

Okay, I’ve lost my enthusiasm this summer for budget dining in the Pascagoula area.  Especially for anything with “buffet” or “all you can eat” as part of their offering. Maybe its the continued slump in the economy, but we’re seeing … Continue reading

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The cost of creative cooking and sticking to your budget

We all find those fantastic recipes we can’t wait to try…but have to wait to try because we can’t afford some or all of the ingredients.  It wasn’t always that way for most of us, so being in the position … Continue reading

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Another day, not enough dollars

Keeping on your budget means you have to keep on  your toes, and the tighter that budget is, the more important it is to you.  It doesn’t really matter if you are watching your dimes and dollars to take a … Continue reading

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