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55 Fantastic Fudges

Fudge.  Who doesn’t love it?  It’s everything we aren’t supposed to eat, laced with sugar and fat.  It’s rich, creamy, and oh, so sweet. Fudge vanishes at bake sales and buffet dessert trays faster than money out of my bank … Continue reading

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No bake Christmas treats

Not everyone has an oven, the time to bake, or even the basic skills to bake.  That doesn’t mean that there is no options available for making a Christmas treat, whether to take or serve at home.  One fun option … Continue reading

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Plum pudding is a Christmas tradition

Plum pudding is a Christmas tradition in my family.  It’s also not that hard to actually make.  I also almost never make the exact same pudding, which may sound a little odd, but it isn’t.  Some years it has a lot … Continue reading

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Yule Meringue Logs–perfect Christmas cookies!

I love these cookies–they are light, just sweet enough, and really satisfying without being a cookie that’s going to linger around the hips for the Fourth of July.  Low carbohydrate, fat free, what more could you ask for in a … Continue reading

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In search of that recipe…

Most of us, at one point or another, has lost a favored recipe for whatever reason.  Sometimes its a disaster, such as flood, fire or hurricane, other times it’s as simple as misplaced or accidently thrown away.  On occasion, we’re … Continue reading

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Steamed puddings, plum pudding, and an easy winter dessert

I’ll admit it, I make plum pudding each year for Christmas.  I have a lot of recipes for plum pudding, and it isn’t the same each year.  It’s always different.  Some years, it has no candied fruit and is made … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas!

Sometimes, the best laid plans of the most serious cook go awry. You run out of time, out of propane, out of ingredients, or just plain out of energy to complete the task.  Children, pets, spouses, jobs, friends…all need attention … Continue reading

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