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55 Fantastic Fudges

Fudge.  Who doesn’t love it?  It’s everything we aren’t supposed to eat, laced with sugar and fat.  It’s rich, creamy, and oh, so sweet. Fudge vanishes at bake sales and buffet dessert trays faster than money out of my bank … Continue reading

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Chocolate News?

I’m sure you are wondering what kind of news there possibly could be about chocolate.  Maybe a recall?  Some new horrible consequence for eating it?  Maybe some new benefit from eating it? It’s a bit different than that.  None of … Continue reading

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Buttermilk Fudge

For years, I had heard my mother mention a candy from her youth called buttermilk fudge.  She always said it was a simple recipe, but she had been unable to find it, and the one she had used as a … Continue reading

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Bourbon balls

One holiday treat that just refuses to be categorized is the bourbon ball.  Is it a no bake cookie or an easy candy? Either way, no cookie tray is complete without a few of these added to the mixture.  Delicious … Continue reading

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Eat, drink and be merry-and the recipes to do it!

Over the next twelve days, as in the twelve days of Christmas…there are going to be more cookies baked, more drinks served, and more food plans made than any other time of year except maybe, just MAYBE, Thanksgiving.  It’s the … Continue reading

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Homemade fluffy marshmallows

If any sweet is synonymous with summer, it has to be marshmallows.  S’mores, marshmallow treats, fruit salads, and a hundred other recipes will feature them as part of the ingredients.  What summertime camp fire would be complete without roasting a … Continue reading

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Bacon toffee and bacon ice cream

Bacon was the topic of conversation this morning.  We don’t eat bacon very often.  It’s not really so much because of the high fat and cholesterol content as it is because of the high cost for that fat.  The bacon … Continue reading

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