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Dinner tonight is turkey?

Let’s face it, we’ve just come out of the “turkey season” for roast turkey.  A lot of people regard turkey as something they eat twice a year…Thanksgiving and Christmas, and don’t touch for the remaining ten months of the year. … Continue reading

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Turkey breast-a budget wise meat

I like turkey.  GM swears I could eat turkey sandwiches every day and be content.  He might be right.  I despise the deli version, I like REAL turkey.  White meat or dark, I like them both.  BUT…for sheer meat simplicity, … Continue reading

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Turkey breast versus boneless turkey breast roast

I’m a huge fan of turkey, and my other half swears I could live on turkey sandwiches.  He just might be right!  I can’t imagine anything I like better for a sandwich than roast turkey, and deli turkey is just … Continue reading

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