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Carne picada?

If you shop at the Pascagoula Walmart, you’ll see a package of meat in the beef section labeled “carne picada.”  The name is in Spanish, but what is it really? It’s plain beef, cut in fine strips or very coarsely … Continue reading

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Fast and furious, alternatives to fast food?

We all know that fast food is not only not good for us physically, it’s hard on the budget.  In addition, many of us are not only battling the battle of the “bulge” but we’re at war with inflation and … Continue reading

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Green chilies or peppers?

While I now call the Gulf Coast home, that was not the case for most of my life.  Most of my life was spent in the Southwest, where the beaches are plentiful, and the water is scarce. Okay, so it’s … Continue reading

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Leftovers-friend or foe?

Leftovers are getting a bad rap.  People wrinkle their noses and act as though they are about to be faced with shoe gruel for their next meal.  It shouldn’t be that way.  Leftovers are the hurried cook’s best friend! Planning … Continue reading

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