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Portable breakfast: the CRC Breakfast Bar

CRC breakfast bar…it sounds so official, doesn’t it? It’s not really, it just stands for “Coconut, Raisin, Chocolate” breakfast bar.  The chocolate is for my husband, the diehard chocoholic.  The whole bar concept was really dreamed up for him.  Some … Continue reading

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Farmageddon–the movie

Food safety is a hot topic these days.  Even hotter is the seat of the small family farm, especially if they are truck farmers, dairies, or a diversified farm.  It seems that they are literally under attack from various government … Continue reading

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Yule Meringue Logs–perfect Christmas cookies!

I love these cookies–they are light, just sweet enough, and really satisfying without being a cookie that’s going to linger around the hips for the Fourth of July.  Low carbohydrate, fat free, what more could you ask for in a … Continue reading

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Greek yogurt…a new addition

Greek yogurt…at first, I wondered why bother paying so much more for just yogurt? Then…I tried it. It’s non-fat (the versions I’ve used are), but it’s amazingly creamy.  It tastes good plain, unlike regular yogurt, which doesn’t taste good to … Continue reading

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Special diets and illnesses

As we go through life, we go through phases in how we eat.  As babies, we need low salt and smooth textures.  We love sweet and even lemons taste sweet to us. As toddlers, we want things that feel interesting … Continue reading

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Guilty pleasures and comfort foods

Comfort foods…those simple dishes that are usually made of few and inexpensive ingredients that remind us of happier, simpler and easier times in our lives…often from our childhood and frequently passed from one generation to another, these foods are what … Continue reading

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Low sodium cooking-what’s up with that?

For most of us, it’s a devastating day when we’re told to go on a special diet.  It goes hand in hand with the aging process, and American culture worships youth, among other things.  To be put in a position … Continue reading

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