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Internet inspired rustic Italian-style pasta with sausage

I’ve been “under the weather” lately, and that means…I just plain don’t cook.  We “make do” with sandwiches, canned soups, slow cooker soup, and frozen food.  Probably not all that healthy, but…life happens, right? So as soon as I start … Continue reading

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Summertime and the kitchen sink pasta salad

Summertime.  Hot.  Humid.  Thunderstorms. That’s the Gulf Coast.  Steamy days and steamy nights, unless you are right on the Gulf itself where the breezes help cool things off. It’s hard to be creative or even motivated about meals in this … Continue reading

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Cheap eats for Lent with tuna and noodles

Meatless meals are usually much less expensive than those containing meat, it’s a known fact.  This one isn’t exactly “meatless” in my book–it contains tuna.  It’s also a pretty simple, traditional recipe similar to batches of “Tuna and Noodles” moms … Continue reading

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Reality TV, my kitchen, my budget and our menu

Reality TV seems to be the new thing, and there are reality TV programs focusing on all kinds of peculiar circumstances.  In addition, there are a LOT of competitive programs for cooks and chefs of all kinds.  Some of them are fun … Continue reading

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Couscous isn’t exactly a Gulf Coast tradition, but it is something that can easily be added to any cook’s repertoire.  So what is this mysterious stuff? Essentially its a pasta, but it masquerades well as rice.  It’s amazingly fluffy, easy, … Continue reading

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Rustic Gulf Coast Style Radiatore recipe

Tonight, I cooked a meal with a single burner camp stove, partly to try out an idea for future camping trips.  It’s a simple dish, using radiatore, fresh summer squash, garlic and a Gulf Coast favorite–Conecuh sausage. I did take … Continue reading

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Hungarian style cabbage and noodles

Meatless dishes are economical dishes to make, especially when served as the main course.  Even when served alongside meat based foods, they help to make the meal seem more bountiful and sumptuous than the budget for the dinner really was.  … Continue reading

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