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The Thanksgiving Feast

Many of us have prepared many Thanksgiving feasts.  Others are going to prepare their first ever this year.  It’s a scary thing, preparing your first Thanksgiving feast, with guests arriving to eat your offering.  So what are the steps? Plan … Continue reading

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A tie dyed wedding cake?

We had decided on a hippy themed wedding for a variety of reasons, and sticking with the theme, the bride and groom would be wearing tie dyed t-shirts, bandana head bands, and even a rainbow veil with the bride’s headband. … Continue reading

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The wedding gathering-staying in our budget

We’re having our wedding the end of the month, GM & I.  We also had a small budget for the occasion, and wanted to make sure that we had fun, our guests enjoyed themselves, and we stayed within the budget. … Continue reading

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Tonight’s dinner-Greek style chicken breasts in poblano peppers

I have dinner in the oven as we speak, and in about 40 minutes, we’ll get to sample it and see what we think of it.  In the meantime, since I’m confident of what I’m doing and its success…I’m going … Continue reading

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Wedding cakes and cupcakes-other blogs and websites I love

One thing about those who cook and write about it…we usually also read about it, especially when we’re researching something new, or an area we don’t consider ourselves exactly competent in.  In my case recently, it has been wedding cakes … Continue reading

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Wedding cakes and do it yourself catering

I’m in that traumatic and stressful stage of any bride, young or old, of trying to make a decision about the wedding cake.  In a reception hall, I would most likely go traditional with the three tiered wedding cake, but … Continue reading

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What is the best wedding cake recipe?

In most women’s lives, the absolutely most important cake of their life is going to be their wedding cake with a hot second being their daughter’s wedding cake.  So what recipe is THE best? In America today, the most popular … Continue reading

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Wedding reception, do it yourself style

I’m getting married in October, and we’re doing our own catering for our informal beach wedding. That means we need something that is easy to serve, easy to eat, and easy to keep at serving temperatures without electricity.  I also … Continue reading

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Keeping the budget intact in the Pascagoula area with a picnic?

Okay, I’ve lost my enthusiasm this summer for budget dining in the Pascagoula area.  Especially for anything with “buffet” or “all you can eat” as part of their offering. Maybe its the continued slump in the economy, but we’re seeing … Continue reading

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Barbecues and cook outs-get your bang for your buck

We love to entertain on the Gulf Coast, and the whole idea of cooking outside is to keep the mess outdoors while providing plenty of space for socializing. Louisiana has its  seafood and crawfish boils, and while we do them … Continue reading

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