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McCormick’s Gourmet: Bourbon Spiced Pork

  I saw something new in the grocery aisle the other day, and I thought I’d try it.  It’s unusual for me to try things like this, as I’m fairly adept at using spices to season things without purchasing a … Continue reading

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Green chilies or peppers?

While I now call the Gulf Coast home, that was not the case for most of my life.  Most of my life was spent in the Southwest, where the beaches are plentiful, and the water is scarce. Okay, so it’s … Continue reading

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Too much food? Pork Jumble Liar

Have you ever prepared a dish or a meal, using the right amount of the core ingredients (like meat) for the number of servings, but somehow…it grew? And then grew some more? I honestly had NO plans for feeding the … Continue reading

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Low sodium cooking-what’s up with that?

For most of us, it’s a devastating day when we’re told to go on a special diet.  It goes hand in hand with the aging process, and American culture worships youth, among other things.  To be put in a position … Continue reading

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Turkey breast versus boneless turkey breast roast

I’m a huge fan of turkey, and my other half swears I could live on turkey sandwiches.  He just might be right!  I can’t imagine anything I like better for a sandwich than roast turkey, and deli turkey is just … Continue reading

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Dipping oil for bread

Dipping oil for bread may not be totally “Gulf Coast” but its becoming more popular nationwide.  In addition, we all love our bread…and what could make it better than a bit of olive oil seasoned to perfection?  I’ll admit, I … Continue reading

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Stocking up

It’s spring.  Without a doubt, despite the storms, it is spring.  That means a lot of things. Spring cleaning.  Gotta love that stuff.  It’s also time to go through your cupboards and check out what’s there…and what isn’t there.  Make … Continue reading

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