About the authors at Gulf Coast Foods

Gulf Coast Foods is all about the foods, restaurants, festivals, and other fun food ideas and information, focused on the lifestyle of the Gulf Coast.  It’s more than New Orleans, more than beach cuisine, and more than seafood–it’s almost a whole way of life!

Food is the primary component of most of the celebrations around life’s mile markers, whether it’s a birth, a death, a wedding, a graduation, a baby shower…food is there with us.  Food is with us when we’ve lost jobs, bought a house, had a barbecue, or someone was seriously sick.  Whether we are rich or poor, young or old, food is an important part of our lives, our culture, and our special events.

Not everything is about the fancier foods for the big events either.  The Gulf Coast has seen Katrina and many other storms, it most recently was hit hard by the BP Oil Spill and its aftermath, and just like many other parts of the country, it has seen plenty of hard times economically speaking.  A lot of what we talk about is the food that keeps the family fueled and coming home for dinner each night without breaking the budget.  Save the big bucks for the special events and use the pennies and nickels for the daily grind!

We also will talk about products we use and recommend, as well as the products we despise, from kitchen utensils to appliances and over to canned foods, quick mixes, beverages, and about anything else that has to do with dining, food, restaurants, ingredients, and techniques.  We aren’t professionals–we’re a young mother with a tiny baby who just happens to also be a Type 1 diabetic and the other half is a grandmother who is as comfortable with a scroll saw as she is a sewing machine or KitchenAid mixer.  We are real people who really go fishing, clean them, then cook them.  We really do go camping, and we really do have busy lives and poorly designed kitchens.  Any recipes we recommend really work for the not-very-professional cook.  Any products we recommend, we have really tried.  Any ingredients we love, we really DO love!

So join us in our culinary adventures and cry with us over our mishaps.  Share your views with us, we really ARE curious!

2 Responses to About the authors at Gulf Coast Foods

  1. Jon says:


    First off, let me say I love your blog. I am an avid cook and enjoy all kinds of different recipes and experiments when it comes to food. The reason I am writing this though is I am new to blogging. I recently started a website for short stories, news commentary etc. and was wondering how you got that nifty little e-mail subscription at the top of your page. I have the “follow” icon, but am looking for something a bit more visible. Can you help me out? I just started my blog 3 weeks ago and am still learning. Thanks!


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