Skippy peanut spread with dark chocolate taste test

After trying whipped peanut butter with s’mores flavoring recently, and because we’re huge peanut-butter-and-chocolate fans here, we tried Skippy peanut spread with dark chocolate.  It sounded great, right?

This time, the taste test was on our own dime too.  It looked really good on the grocery shelf.  So, a jar landed in the basket, and away we went to take it home with us.  (After the checkout routine, of course!)

I’ll confess, it was a day or two before we tried it.  We were busy, what can I say?

Then, the craving for peanut butter and chocolate hit one evening, and it was that time…

Skippy hit the mark with a rich roasted peanut flavor, whether it was peanut spread or butter, but unfortunately, it totally missed the chocolate part of its name, dark or milk or even faintly hot-cocoa-ish in chocolate flavoring.  Sure, I liked less sugar and lower fat, but at what cost?

It was dark brown chocolate looking paste with no chocolate flavor at all.

I was hugely disappointed, and the peanut butter was set aside to make a trip to our granddaughter for a preschool taste test.  She had her choice–Jif whipped peanut butter with s’mores or Skippy peanut spread with dark chocolate.  She’s 3, okay? She doesn’t care what name is on the container, although after that initial taste test, she knew which one SHE wanted.

Sorry, Skippy, not even the three year old liked you better, despite getting served your product first.  Without trying the whipped kind.  After the whipped kind, she wasn’t willing to even try you again.

In the classic words of a three year old who doesn’t know anything about diplomacy yet, she announced it was “poop”.  Apparently, dark brown peanut butter looks gross to her, despite her love of chocolate (one of her first multi-syllable words).

So, if you are looking for Skippy peanut butter with chocolate, you can read more about it here.  Just don’t expect much along the lines of chocolate other than the coloring of the thick paste.

And for the record, she was right.  It isn’t an attractive color, especially since the only things chocolate about it is its color and the name on the jar.

If you’d like to read the review of Jif Whipped Peanut Butter & S’mores, find it right here.


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