At my house

I’m a really good cook, not a fancy cook.  I can be very creative at cooking.  I write about food, cooking, and recipes, and have done so for years now.

That doesn’t mean that every meal is a gourmet experience at our house.

Usually, it’s just the two of us here.  That means that if I’m working on a new cookbook, we’re apt to have a bit of experimenting going on in the kitchen, which gets to feeling more like a laboratory than a home kitchen during those experiments.  Sometimes, they are wonderful.  Other times, they can be so-so or even absolutely awful.

We do dine on those experiments, unless they are so awful we can’t.  Thankfully, experience means that the really awful rarely happens.

But just like any household, stuff happens.

Maybe at our house, stuff happens more often than not though.  We bought an old house, in serious need of renovations of all kinds.  We’re living the renovation experience on a shoe string.  That means they don’t always happen as fast as I would like or maybe even as fast as we need them to.  That results in frequent crisis management.

Current crisis management has us only cooling one room of the house.  That leaves the kitchen almost unbearably hot during the afternoon and early evening, that time of day when most of us are doing the major cooking of the day.  Add in the fact that I am now disabled, very intolerant of heat, and that shifts to absolutely miserable.

Then, there is the cooktop.  It died.  I turn it on, but nothing happens.  That isn’t all that convenient either.  Thankfully, I am an avid camper, which means that over the years, I have obtained numerous portable stoves.  I simply brought in a burner, and I’m an expert at one burner preparation of meals.  It doesn’t mean that it is convenient or desirable though!

So we all know what the Gulf Coast and southern Mississippi is like in late July.  It’s not exactly invigorating out there, and the only term that I can find that fits the mood the weather gives me is languid.  Languid is not inspiring for meal preparation.

It’s Sunday.  That traditionally means a big dinner, or at least a more elaborate one than most days of the week.  So what are we having?

We have a selection of ramen noodles or the option of peanut butter and a selection of jellies.

I’m not cooking.  

Sure, my husband can complain.  That’s fair enough.  I have an answer to the complaints too.  He knows how to cook, and he knows where everything is.  He can go cook dinner.  I am not going to cook!

Is it fair?

I think so.  It’s hot.  It’s miserable in the kitchen.  I don’t like being hot and miserable.  If he doesn’t like the solution to hot & miserable, he can wave HIS magic wand and complete the renovations, add air conditioning, and repair the cook top.  Mine’s broken!

About giascott

Writer, blogger, cook, grandmother, mother, wife, radio personality, outdoor enthusiast, dog enthusiast, crafter, artist, and part-time nut~~I've earned a lot of t-shirts in my day! I'm one of those crazy independent women who can cut down a tree, build you a shed, sew you a dress, cook your dinner, make some soap, pitch a tent, build a fire, catch some fish, dig in the garden, chase a kid or two, write you a poem, paint you a picture, and a dozen other things...just don't ask me to sing! I'm also embarking on a relatively new portion of my life, one of being disabled. I'm learning some lessons along the way about a lot of things too.
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