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Poverty recipes

Poverty recipes…it sounds dreadful, but they aren’t.  They are often delicious, as well as often are comfort foods.  What they are is the foods we can make when our budgets have gone from merely sobbing after a trip to the … Continue reading

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Pillsbury Key Lime Premium Cookie Mix–a review

I bought a box of Pillsbury Key Lime Premium Cookie Mix.  It was an accident, really.  I thought it was a lime cake mix.  I made them today finally, mostly to just get it off of the shelf where it … Continue reading

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The All American Biscuit

It’s hot off the presses! Today, The All American Biscuit was released on Amazon’s Kindle.  It’s biscuits and more biscuits, from biscuit history to biscuits of nearly every imaginable sort.  I’d have done A to Z, but…some of the letters … Continue reading

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Enchilada sauce–the real deal, not the copycat can

Do you enjoy Mexican food? How about enchilada sauce? How many cans of it have you bought in the last year?  Have you noticed that the prices are steadily rising on it? Wouldn’t you like to save some money? Enchilada … Continue reading

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