Egg Salad

Egg salad isn’t exactly exciting.  As a child, it was made for a sandwich filling when there wasn’t much else to do so with.  I never gave it much thought or cared that much for it.  As an adult, it was something I rarely made or ate at home.  While working as a cook, making egg salad was a chore I despised, as the smell of boiled eggs sort of “grossed me out”, as they say.   I also rarely served it to my kids.

Then, for some reason, lately it has been something I actually crave.  Because of this, I’ve discovered some tricks to making delicious, creamy egg salad worth eating, rather than merely a make-do sandwich filling.

This recipe is not exactly set in stone.  Roughly, it’s one egg per “serving”, along with one teaspoon each of pickle relish and mayonnaise.  The real secret is in boiling the eggs.

I put the eggs in cool water, put them on the stove, and crank on the heat.  Impatience means it’s turned up to high too.  Once the eggs boil, I time them for eight minutes, remove them from heat, and drain the eggs.  Cold water is run over the eggs to cool them enough to handle.

While still warm, the eggs are peeled and mashed with a fork roughly.  Nothing is exact, it’s just done very quickly with the warm eggs.  Once that is done, the mayonnaise and pickle relish is added and stirred in.  This makes for a creamy mixture, with the bits of egg white and relish providing texture.

It’s delicious on bread as a sandwich, dolloped on your favorite crackers, used as a filling for celery sticks, or just about anywhere you enjoy a creamy texture and egg flavor.  For added flavor, freshly ground pepper or lemon pepper may be used.  I prefer it freshly made and still slightly warm.  Others may prefer to refrigerate it and eat it cold.

About giascott

Writer, blogger, cook, grandmother, mother, wife, radio personality, outdoor enthusiast, dog enthusiast, crafter, artist, and part-time nut~~I've earned a lot of t-shirts in my day! I'm one of those crazy independent women who can cut down a tree, build you a shed, sew you a dress, cook your dinner, make some soap, pitch a tent, build a fire, catch some fish, dig in the garden, chase a kid or two, write you a poem, paint you a picture, and a dozen other things...just don't ask me to sing! I'm also embarking on a relatively new portion of my life, one of being disabled. I'm learning some lessons along the way about a lot of things too.
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