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Folger’s Vanilla Biscotti coffee in review

I received a sample of Folger’s Vanilla Biscotti coffee to try and then review. First, let me explain me and coffee.  I really like coffee, but I’m not crazy about flavored coffee, preferring to add my flavor later, if I … Continue reading

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Macaroni & Cheese: Kraft versus store brand

I’ll admit, I’m a budget minded shopper.  I’ll try store brands, and many items I choose to buy are store brands or lesser known brands One of the things that I considered pretty useless for purchasing was macaroni and cheese … Continue reading

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Oreos versus chocolate refrigerator cookies

I have a confession.  I’m terribly ashamed, but it simply has to come out. I love Oreo cookies, but I absolutely despise the filling. It’s true, I was that weird kid who twisted them open and peeled out the filling. … Continue reading

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Chicken & Corn Chowder

Spring, even on the Gulf Coast, seems to always be changeable in nature.  On those less-than-balmy days, nothing tastes better for dinner than a bowl of hearty soup! At the same time, most of us are working to make each … Continue reading

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Cabbage and noodles for Lent?

Cabbage and noodles, two lowly foods, often overlooked in favor of things that are far more exciting and exotic.  I’ve even heard cabbage be called names, such as “ditch weed“.  Cabbage is also cheap, especially this time of year, and … Continue reading

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What is a locavore?

These days, we hear a lot of words tossed around that might just be a bit new or a bit different in the way they are used than what we were taught in school as children.  New doesn’t mean threatening … Continue reading

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Perfect for Easter–Scotch Eggs

With Ash Wednesday, we begin Lent, which leads to Easter!  It’s fairly early this year, on March 31st, practically around the corner.  For many of us, it’s time to start planning our Easter menu too. Easter morning seems to always … Continue reading

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