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Farmageddon–the movie

Food safety is a hot topic these days.  Even hotter is the seat of the small family farm, especially if they are truck farmers, dairies, or a diversified farm.  It seems that they are literally under attack from various government … Continue reading

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Carne picada again?

That oh-so-conveniently finely cut beef referred to as carne picada makes a repeat appearance in another recipe, this time using a variety of vegetables and the Gulf Coast’s beloved rice.  For quick cooking, all of the vegetables are finely cut, … Continue reading

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Carne Picada means speedy meals!

Carne picada sounds pretty exotic, at least if you are here on the Gulf Coast.  It’s a relative newcomer in the grocery stores.  But what is it really? Essentially, it’s meat that has been cut into matchstick-like slivers.  It’s not … Continue reading

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Coffee makers and me

I have a history, you know.  A long one.  It’s not something I’m proud of either. I am a murderer. It’s true.  Many the night that I slunk to trash can or dumpster, a bundle in my arms, as I … Continue reading

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Disabled and cooking

Disabled means a lot of different things, since all it really means is that a person has lost some functionality that affects their day to day living.  It doesn’t mean that all disabled people are in wheelchairs by any means. … Continue reading

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