Great Ideas: Breakfast/Brunch

Breakfast and brunch are two meals that weekends allow more elaborate preparation than merely slapping some peanut butter on toast before rushing out the door, which is unfortunately how all too many people break their nightly fast with the most important meal of the day.  (Doesn’t everybody’s mother tell them that breakfast is the most important meal of the day?)  Breakfast is a lot more than mere pancakes, cereal, toast, or eggs, or at least it can be.

Christmas morning has nearly always featured orange rolls in our house, which are essentially very similar to homemade cinnamon rolls, but filled with a variation of orange buttercream rather than the traditional butter/cinnamon/sugar combo in cinnamon rolls.  This year, we had them once again, although the “Awake” orange juice drink we had always preferred was not found anywhere.  (We actually wonder whether this frozen concentrate has been discontinued.  Anybody know?)  I also had a request for something called “Scotch Eggs”.  This was entirely a new prospect for me, and the recipe had to come with the request.  It turned out it was not only delicious, but fairly simple to make.

Scotch Eggs turned out to be a boiled egg encased in ground sausage and then rolled in seasoned bread crumbs before being pan fried.  (I think baking them would work as well, if not better, actually.)  Make one or two eggs for each person, and serve with buttered toast, hash browns, grits, or biscuits.  They really ARE delicious too!

Scotch Eggs

  • 1 lb. bulk breakfast sausage (we used Jimmy Dean, as it seems to have less fat than many brands)
  • 5 boiled and peeled eggs
  • breadcrumbs, seasoned with salt & pepper
  • oil for skillet

Divide sausage into five equal portions.   In the palm of your hand, flatten sausage and insert egg, folding sausage around egg evenly to make a “meatball”.  Roll sausage in breadcrumbs to coat well.  (These sausage balls may be refrigerated at this point for later preparation.)

Fry sausage balls in large, heavy skillet over medium heat, turning every 2-3 minutes, to lightly brown sausage ball on all sides.  Remove to platter and keep warm until serving.

Note: 1 pound of sausage provides enough ground meat mixture to coat 5 boiled eggs.  Recipe may be multiplied accordingly to provide enough servings.

Another fantastic recipe for breakfasts and brunches is just as easy, and perhaps even less messy to prepare.  It’s a huge favorite with our family, and the original recipe came from our friend Jeremy a number of years ago.

Stuffed crescent rolls

  • 1 lb. bulk breakfast sausage
  • 16 ounces cream cheese, softened (fat free works too)
  • 2 pkgs. refrigerated crescent rolls

Brown sausage in skillet, crumbling it as it cooks.  Drain fat from sausage.  Combine sausage and cream cheese in bowl, stirring until sausage is evenly distributed in cheese.

Open crescent rolls as directed on package.  On wide end of crescent roll, place spoonful of cheese mixture, then roll dough up into crescent shape.  Place cheese filled roll on baking sheet, with about 2″ between rolls.  Bake as directed on package.  

Serve stuffed crescent rolls warm or at room temperature.

There are many other options to turn a weekend breakfast or brunch into a much more interesting meal than merely bacon & eggs or plain hot cereal.  Stay tuned for more ideas!

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