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Gooey Butter Cake

Gooey butter cakes are supposed to have originated in St. Louis, which is a long ways up the Mississippi from the Gulf Coast.  That doesn’t mean that coastal dwellers can’t appreciate a good recipe though! Gooey butter cakes are resemble … Continue reading

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Pasta with sausage

More people than ever are currently suffering from “fiscal impairment.”  What that translates to is that when any of us go into the grocery store, our budgets are tighter than ever.  We’re stretching meat, serving cheaper cuts, and serving more … Continue reading

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Chocolate buttermilk pie

I’ve been cooking and baking a long time, and I’d learned many old fashioned recipes along the way.  Somehow though, I had managed to miss being exposed to buttermilk pies along the way.  Having seen a recipe for one, I … Continue reading

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The American food supply and you

America has always been the “land of plenty” it seems.  Thousands flocked here each year, fleeing famines, wars, and oppression, and their offspring are now known as “us.”  In tracing my own ancestry, as well as DNA testing, we’ve discovered … Continue reading

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Lab grown meat?

What do you think about meat that was not ever a living animal being on your dinner plate? I’m not talking about textured soy protein here, but honest to goodness “test tube” meat, chemically identical to the meat we buy … Continue reading

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Iowa Chowder

Most people, when they think of Iowa, think of corn.  That’s also where this recipe was born–in those same stereotypes of Iowa, and it features potatoes with pork and corn in a creamy base.  If the soup gets too thick, … Continue reading

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Homemade salad dressings

Making our own salad dressings…once upon a time, that’s what everyone did, but today…most grocery stores have an aisle filled with salad dressings of many kinds.  Most of us think that “making our own” is going to be complicated and … Continue reading

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