The Wolfgang Puck Rice Cooker/steamer

Last fall, I bought a Wolfgang Puck rice cooker.  I bought it online, so was a bit dismayed when it arrived, far larger than what I had anticipated.  I unpacked it, inspected it…and then it languished, forgotten and forlorn.  We ate a lot of instant rice, it seems.

Then, the desire for real brown rice reared its head, and it was time to get out the cooker, dust it off, and put it into action.  It was easy, I love it, and I’m very satisfied with my purchase.  The rice came out just fine with just a couple of buttons to push.  No complicated issues, no directions required.

With the success of this first rice endeavor and the ample sized insert pot…it has me thinking about other things that could easily be cooked there.  It’s a lot more than JUST a rice cooker, and regarding it as such would be such a waste, especially when it’s so much larger than our old rice cooker (which I despised–it was hard to clean and only cooked white rice.)

Soups, stews, pots of baked beans…and even steamed breads and puddings are dancing in my head.  The steamer insert won’t work with a traditional pudding mold (I have a couple of them) but I’m sure I can come up with some sort of an improvised rack.  Racks just aren’t that complicated!

Since that first excursion into using the cooker, I’ve tried other things, and I’m very impressed with the cooker’s ability to actually brown meat and even saute vegetables before adding the other ingredients and continuing to cook in it.  For an all-in-one appliance, it’s a winner.

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2 Responses to The Wolfgang Puck Rice Cooker/steamer

  1. Patty says:

    What ratio of water to brown rice do you use? I have tried it and my brown rice tends to be hard. I love this cooker for white rice, tho!

    • giascott says:

      I use 2 1/2 c. water to 1 c. of rice when cooking brown rice. When it’s still “hard”…you know, with that sort-of-crunchy-bit-in-the-center…it needs about 5-8 minutes more time to steam. I also live on the Gulf Coast…so we have plenty of humidity in everything, which means you might want a touch more water if you live in a more arid area.

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