Greek yogurt…a new addition

Greek yogurt…at first, I wondered why bother paying so much more for just yogurt?

Then…I tried it.

It’s non-fat (the versions I’ve used are), but it’s amazingly creamy.  It tastes good plain, unlike regular yogurt, which doesn’t taste good to me and I’ve never developed a taste for.  So what is the real difference between Greek yogurt and plain yogurt?

According to what I’ve found online, Greek yogurt has less sugar and more protein.  That’s a plus.  It’s because it has been strained to remove the whey, along with the sugar, most of the lactose, and liquid.  It’s thicker and richer tasting.  The full fat versions, however, have an unexpected fat content punch.  I haven’t tried those versions, having found the non-fat version to be wonderful.

Where do I use it?

Anyplace that I used to use sour cream finds the fat free Greek yogurt more than acceptable.  It also does not have any of the weird texture of “fat free sour cream” which is like having fat free lard…it doesn’t make any sense.  It tastes virtually the same as the real sour cream, so there is no sense of sacrifice either.  It LOOKS the same as sour cream too, which means it can be used for dips and toppings without anyone being any the wiser.

I’m ecstatic…I can have my baked potato with “sour cream” that is really Greek yogurt, get my live culture for digestive health, enjoy the food…and be kind to my daily fat intake at the same time.  I can dip away with chips…and not feel like I am nearly slathering my food with fat.  Mexican and Hungarian food with sour cream?  Here I come with my Greek yogurt!

Not even desserts and baked goods are spared this conversion.  In the few things that I’ve tried it in, it substitutes well for fattier sour cream.  I feel comfortable adding it instead in any recipe.

So…read the label, make sure you are buying Greek yogurt containing live cultures, and try to not cringe at the price.  It does cost more, but it’s still a much more natural substitute for sour cream without strange additives to substitute for the missing fats.



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