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Thanksgiving feast

It’s the day before the Big Feast.  Many things need to be done today, such as pies.  The turkey needs thawed.  Cornbread for the stuffing needs to be baked.  Sweet potatoes need roasted for the pies or casseroles. All of … Continue reading

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Buttermilk fried chicken

All my life, I’ve heard everyone talk about how wonderful buttermilk fried chicken was.  Even so, nobody ever made it, I never tried it, and I figured if it was so wonderful, why didn’t anyone bother? I’ve used buttermilk in … Continue reading

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The Thanksgiving Feast

Many of us have prepared many Thanksgiving feasts.  Others are going to prepare their first ever this year.  It’s a scary thing, preparing your first Thanksgiving feast, with guests arriving to eat your offering.  So what are the steps? Plan … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving cooking and sharing it all

This year, I’m not doing exactly a traditional dinner, even though the meal will feature dishes that are pretty traditional. We’re cooking and serving dinner in a local  park picnic area.  It’s not really a “charity dinner” so much as … Continue reading

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