A psychedelic groom’s cake?

I got married yesterday.  It wasn’t exactly a traditional wedding–we had opted for a “hippy” theme and a beach location.  Hancock County, Mississippi and the public pier in Waveland provided the perfect (in our eyes) setting with restrooms AND a pavilion we could use.

The weather was cooler than usual, with a stiff breeze, but even so, it was a beautiful day.  The tide was just starting to come in as we arrived to set up.

Tables were erected, table cloths were knotted and taped down to keep them from blowing in the wind, and then…the cakes arrived.

The groom’s cake was a huge hit.  (The wedding cake too, but that will have it’s own blog post.)  It was a simple cake, nothing dramatic.  It didn’t even have frosting, which made it a huge hit for me.  (I’ve never really cared for most frostings.)

The amazing thing was it’s appearance.  Take a look.

Psychedelic groom cake

Psychedelic groom cake

The plate looked like stained glass…but guess what?  It was a simple clear plastic serving tray that cost $1 at the Dollar Tree.  With a felt tipped pen coloring in the design, it was transformed completely.  The transformation DOES take a lot of time and patience though, but sometimes…we have more of that than we do money.  It was a huge surprise to me, as I was expecting the inexpensive clear plastic tray and instead…we got stained glass.

The cake was made with regular cake batter, with a portion of it being tinted.  That was swirled through the cake, and then…additional food coloring was dribbled into the cake and then swirled through with a thin stick to create the “psychedelic” effect.  Don’t swirl too much or add too much food coloring, or you’ll end up with a more muddied effect.  Sometimes, less is more.


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