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A psychedelic groom’s cake?

I got married yesterday.  It wasn’t exactly a traditional wedding–we had opted for a “hippy” theme and a beach location.  Hancock County, Mississippi and the public pier in Waveland provided the perfect (in our eyes) setting with restrooms AND a … Continue reading

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A tie dyed wedding cake?

We had decided on a hippy themed wedding for a variety of reasons, and sticking with the theme, the bride and groom would be wearing tie dyed t-shirts, bandana head bands, and even a rainbow veil with the bride’s headband. … Continue reading

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Native American inspired stuffed pumpkin recipe

The Native Americans contributed a lot of things to our modern diets, including things such as pumpkins, squash, beans, and corn.  Often, we forget our debt to their early agricultural endeavors and contributions to American farms. I was given the … Continue reading

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The wedding gathering-staying in our budget

We’re having our wedding the end of the month, GM & I.  We also had a small budget for the occasion, and wanted to make sure that we had fun, our guests enjoyed themselves, and we stayed within the budget. … Continue reading

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Would you join a food co-op?

Prices are rising, budgets are tight, and we’re all fighting to stay afloat.  Too many of us don’t even have the hope of a light at the end of the tunnel as we struggle with our checkbooks and bills. More … Continue reading

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Inflation and eating out on the cheap

Remember the budget dining articles from last year and in the spring? Sorry, folks…but price increases have hit.  Things have changed a bit too.  So…where to eat and what will it cost these days? Remember when Waffle House was cheap? … Continue reading

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Internet inspired rustic Italian-style pasta with sausage

I’ve been “under the weather” lately, and that means…I just plain don’t cook.  We “make do” with sandwiches, canned soups, slow cooker soup, and frozen food.  Probably not all that healthy, but…life happens, right? So as soon as I start … Continue reading

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