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Stocking up–the well prepared pantry

It’s fall in most parts of the country, long past the point when our grandmothers and great grandmothers would have been well on their way to having a well stocked pantry for winter, but even so…tis the season and in … Continue reading

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Special diets and illnesses

As we go through life, we go through phases in how we eat.  As babies, we need low salt and smooth textures.  We love sweet and even lemons taste sweet to us. As toddlers, we want things that feel interesting … Continue reading

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Name brand or generic, is there really a difference?

We all wonder if there is really a difference between name brand products and their generic counterparts, and that question doesn’t stop when we enter the grocery store.  Instead, it runs rampant as we are confronted with choices that range … Continue reading

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Cheap doesn’t have to mean “yuck”!

Comfort foods are a piece of our past, usually connected with fond memories, and almost always are very cheap foods.  The usual qualifications are simple. They are: Fond memories Simple Nothing exotic in terms of ingredients or flavors Usually cheap … Continue reading

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