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Doing your own wedding cake

For a bride, the wedding is a social occasion that has to be done perfectly, as well as a solemn occasion marking her commitment (and her partner’s too!) to the relationship.  If it goes “wrong” we take it very personal, … Continue reading

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Hot cocoa mix, a do-it-yourself recipe!

Hot cocoa is one of the most popular of hot drinks in America, right up there with hot tea and coffee.  It ranks well above hot cider or other fruit-based drinks too.  Almost everyone loves its chocolate-y and rich milky … Continue reading

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What is the best wedding cake recipe?

In most women’s lives, the absolutely most important cake of their life is going to be their wedding cake with a hot second being their daughter’s wedding cake.  So what recipe is THE best? In America today, the most popular … Continue reading

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Wedding reception, do it yourself style

I’m getting married in October, and we’re doing our own catering for our informal beach wedding. That means we need something that is easy to serve, easy to eat, and easy to keep at serving temperatures without electricity.  I also … Continue reading

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Keeping the budget intact in the Pascagoula area with a picnic?

Okay, I’ve lost my enthusiasm this summer for budget dining in the Pascagoula area.  Especially for anything with “buffet” or “all you can eat” as part of their offering. Maybe its the continued slump in the economy, but we’re seeing … Continue reading

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Mixes of the home made sort

Once upon a time, the wide variety of easy mixes we see on grocery store shelves did not exist.  Everything was homemade.  The few mixes that were available usually had distinctly lesser quality than the home made goods did, which … Continue reading

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Barbecues and cook outs-get your bang for your buck

We love to entertain on the Gulf Coast, and the whole idea of cooking outside is to keep the mess outdoors while providing plenty of space for socializing. Louisiana has its  seafood and crawfish boils, and while we do them … Continue reading

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