Gourmet burgers & bombs

A few weeks ago, I was singing the praises for Johnsonville’s Brat burgers.  This week, I’m horribly disappointed by the miserable failure of their “Italian Sausage Patties”.

I had really high hopes, because I really LIKE their brat burgers, and into the broiler, just like the brat patties they went, to come out to crown fresh Italian bread and provolone cheese.

The first bite was pure disappointment.  There was a hint of Italian sausage type seasonings, but that’s it.  If you didn’t know it was supposed to be “Italian Sausage” you’d never notice, to be honest, once the other condiments typically gracing a hamburger were added.  It might be made with only “premium cuts of pork” but the pork flavor didn’t even make it through the processing experience to resurrect itself in my broiler.

Maybe my hopes were too high–I was expecting something very similar to using bulk Italian sausage to form a burger, with all of the intense flavors of the sausage holding through the patty forming stage to the cooking stage.  Instead, I got a burger masquerading as Italian sausage.  If you are an Italian sausage loving grill cook, you will want to pass over this offering from Johnsonville and stick to their brats–they are delicious, unlike this pathetic offering.  The best Italian sausage “burgers” remain those we shape ourselves from bulk sausage, rather than the convenience of pre-shaped frozen patties.

This is one offering from Johnsonville Sausage that won’t make it to our next cook out, and I’m very glad we sampled this before we had guests.  At just over $1 per patty, it is not a cheap burger, but the flavor didn’t jump out and greet us any better than a cheap frozen burger can with a little sprinkle of seasonings.

Strangely enough, Johnsonville Sausage’s website doesn’t even list this product.  I’m not sure if its a marketing test product being offered in southern Mississippi or a national release, but it wasn’t impressive to me.  My favorite among their Italian sausages is their sweet version, followed by their hot, which may explain part of my lack of enthusiasm for these “mild” patties.  In my opinion, mild in this case translated to “bland”.

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