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Peanut butter…

Is all peanut butter the same except for the brand on the jar? Not hardly! Once upon a time, I thought the only difference between peanut butter was crunchy, extra crunchy, or smooth.  Then, I started reading labels on familiar … Continue reading

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Summertime blahhhs

It’s hard to be inspired in the current heat wave.  How is your family coping? Here we are just not excited about meals.  It’s been sandwiches an awful lot, and often it’s simple fillings, with a lot of peanut butter … Continue reading

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Budget dining on the Gulf Coast–Gulfport’s Golden Corral

After our recent experience in Moss Point at Barnhill’s Buffet, we were a bit leery of restaurants, but today, we went off on an adventure.  We needed to do some research, I wanted to play in the water of the … Continue reading

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Summer 2011-Cheap eats in the Pascagoula, Mississippi area

Living on a tight budget can be tough, and if it includes eating out on occasion, you end up looking for cheap places to eat.  At the same time, who wants it to taste like it’s as cheap as the … Continue reading

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Gourmet burgers & bombs

A few weeks ago, I was singing the praises for Johnsonville’s Brat burgers.  This week, I’m horribly disappointed by the miserable failure of their “Italian Sausage Patties”. I had really high hopes, because I really LIKE their brat burgers, and … Continue reading

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Guilty pleasures and peculiar dishes

Everybody has their own set of guilty pleasures and peculiar dishes that belong to them, even if we rarely admit our ownership.  Recently, I admitted that one of mine was grilled peanut butter and bacon sandwiches.  I don’t remember how … Continue reading

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Summertime and the kitchen sink pasta salad

Summertime.  Hot.  Humid.  Thunderstorms. That’s the Gulf Coast.  Steamy days and steamy nights, unless you are right on the Gulf itself where the breezes help cool things off. It’s hard to be creative or even motivated about meals in this … Continue reading

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