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Turkey breast-a budget wise meat

I like turkey.  GM swears I could eat turkey sandwiches every day and be content.  He might be right.  I despise the deli version, I like REAL turkey.  White meat or dark, I like them both.  BUT…for sheer meat simplicity, … Continue reading

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To do or not to do: buying in bulk

Buying in bulk…we usually assume we’re going to save money, but do we REALLY save money with those bigger bottles, entire cases, giant sized cans, and overgrown boxes? Not always. It’s a huge surprise to most of us, but often, … Continue reading

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Reality television programs and reality

Reality television is the latest thing, apparently, with programs on just about every topic imaginable, and some I’d never have imagined at all.  There are also an immense number of programs about cooking and food on television, with the cooking … Continue reading

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Supper versus dinner and other party ideas

Recently, on Facebook, the question was posed as to what the difference between supper and dinner was.  It was only then that I realized that there was a noticeable difference, and one that I unconsciously observed. In modern American culture, … Continue reading

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