Birthday party

Tomorrow is my birthday, one of those “milestone” birthdays that you have to carry around all year with you, giving a guaranteed excuse for a backache, right?

My daughter gave me a birthday party, and she went all out.  I really enjoyed it, and it was really novel too–she did all the work.  I think it was my first adult party where it wasn’t me that did the work, come to think of it.  Surely, that’s a sign of something!\

But..she is an excellent baker with a fondness for doing cakes.  A 50th birthday meant there were ample excuses for cake too.

She used a theme I should have expected, but of course, she did it with her usual creative flair.  Check it out!

Over the hill cake

Over the hill cake

The cake was “Root Beer Float” flavored–vanilla cake (and rice crispies hill) with root beer flavored fondant.  The dark colored “boulders” were prunes!  The van, a comical rendition of our mini van, was nearly a casualty of fire from the candles!

This time of year, the Gulf Coast means it’s the perfect season for barbecuing too.  She went all out–burgers, sausages, ribs AND chicken!  I loved her dry rub far more than the usual sauce routine too.  YUM, I’ve got to get her to give us her recipe secrets!

Then, friends brought some potato salad–stuffed potato salad, I think it was called.  Now that was different, and delicious too.  We have to figure out that secret recipe!

Green bean casserole rounded out the selection, with a post dinner frozen fruit daiquiri…we need that recipe too, because they are totally delicious and only mildly alcoholic.

We all got a chance to eat like pigs, and we enjoyed every bite too!  I also enjoyed letting my grand daughter suck on a rib bone, her first taste of barbecue!  (We believe in starting them early to enjoy outdoor cooked food, I guess!)

The star of the party, and my “mega present” was that my daughter and her significant other had flown my mother in to spend a couple of weeks, a massive treat and completely unexpected!  My first hint was when a pair of cold hands covered my eyes from behind and a mysterious voice whispered “who is this?” in my ear.  I had no idea!

Lady & Baby

Dynamic Duo!

Considering I haven’t even gotten to THE day yet, I’ve already had a fantastic birthday, one to remember.  Even so, all good things come to an end.

door way at night

Darkness comes and covers everything, sending us indoors.

But even as darkness swallowed up the world, the rising moon was fat and orange.  Slowly, it rose through the trees at the bottom of the hill.  Red Dog laid and waited for morning…or signs of more food somewhere.

Rising moon and Red Dog

Rising moon and Red Dog

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