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Surviving the holidays…

Obviously, we have all survived Easter and the big feast thing.  Otherwise, we’d not be sharing this post with everyone! So how was Easter dinner? Great.  The menu was impressive–a baked Smithfield ham (reduced sodium no less!) was the crowning … Continue reading

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What are you “fixing for Easter dinner”?

It’s funny how we talk sometimes, and when the words are typed out onto the screen…it looks funnier. “What are you fixing for Easter dinner?” When I was a kid, I knew pretty much what the line-up would be. Ham, … Continue reading

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Birthday party

Tomorrow is my birthday, one of those “milestone” birthdays that you have to carry around all year with you, giving a guaranteed excuse for a backache, right? My daughter gave me a birthday party, and she went all out.  I … Continue reading

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New grocery store in Pascagoula?

Pascagoula isn’t exactly a shopping Mecca.  Grocery stores are fairly limited, and most people do much of their shopping in Walmart for the sake of convenience.  While Walmart may offer a lot of that, it isn’t known for great selection … Continue reading

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Guilty pleasures and comfort foods

Comfort foods…those simple dishes that are usually made of few and inexpensive ingredients that remind us of happier, simpler and easier times in our lives…often from our childhood and frequently passed from one generation to another, these foods are what … Continue reading

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Cheap eats for Lent with tuna and noodles

Meatless meals are usually much less expensive than those containing meat, it’s a known fact.  This one isn’t exactly “meatless” in my book–it contains tuna.  It’s also a pretty simple, traditional recipe similar to batches of “Tuna and Noodles” moms … Continue reading

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Failure:who’s fault is it?

I’ve been having trouble with baking here lately.  Often, things come out incredibly dense, almost as though I had forgotten to add the leavening, despite the fact that I used self-rising flour.  It was confusing, although things that used beaten … Continue reading

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