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Double Dark Chocolate Cake

This cake is perfect for the chocolate-aholics in your life.  Not too sweet, dense texture, moist, chocolatey–it’s got it.  It’s got enough body to work as a wedding cake, it’s not quite a pound cake, but it’s 100% delicious.  Using … Continue reading

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Low sodium cooking-what’s up with that?

For most of us, it’s a devastating day when we’re told to go on a special diet.  It goes hand in hand with the aging process, and American culture worships youth, among other things.  To be put in a position … Continue reading

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Turkey breast versus boneless turkey breast roast

I’m a huge fan of turkey, and my other half swears I could live on turkey sandwiches.  He just might be right!  I can’t imagine anything I like better for a sandwich than roast turkey, and deli turkey is just … Continue reading

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Cake and grief

Yesterday was my son’s birthday.  He would have turned 21 yesterday, but he died when he was 10.  It wasn’t one of my better days, no matter how I tried to kick start my mood, and my mind often drifted … Continue reading

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Another day, not enough dollars

Keeping on your budget means you have to keep on  your toes, and the tighter that budget is, the more important it is to you.  It doesn’t really matter if you are watching your dimes and dollars to take a … Continue reading

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Dipping oil for bread

Dipping oil for bread may not be totally “Gulf Coast” but its becoming more popular nationwide.  In addition, we all love our bread…and what could make it better than a bit of olive oil seasoned to perfection?  I’ll admit, I … Continue reading

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Reality TV, my kitchen, my budget and our menu

Reality TV seems to be the new thing, and there are reality TV programs focusing on all kinds of peculiar circumstances.  In addition, there are a LOT of competitive programs for cooks and chefs of all kinds.  Some of them are fun … Continue reading

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