Philadelphia-style cheesecake with gingerbread crust

On the Gulf Coast today, it was cold, windy, dreary, and threatening rain.  There were also some threats of coastal flooding with tides running 2-3 feet above normal, along with some horrible statements about the possibility of sleet or (insert a gasp here) maybe even snow!  As if it is supposed to add comfort on a cold winter’s day, we were also told that it was unlikely that the snow would stick in the coastal regions due to the warm soil.

I’m glad something is warm.  I’m definitely not, nor is anyone who finds it necessary to work outside today, whether it was for their job or doing things around their own yards.  Since my partner found himself spending the day outside, both helping friends and working on his own projects, I thought maybe something extra special might be in order.

Cheesecakes are not really my specialty, I normally leave them to the family expert, my daughter, who turns out a variety of cheesecakes that are definitely going to be irresistible.  So, today I took a deep breath, along with some ingredients that had been begging to be used, and did some research before combining several recipes to come up with my own.

The crust in this case uses one package of Betty Crocker’s Gingerbread Cookie Mix, mixed according to the package instructions.  Since that is only seasonally available in most groceries, as an alternative, any gingersnap or gingerbread recipe could be used.    The mix makes the equivalent of about 3 dozen 2″ cookies.  Another option would be to crush gingersnap cookies, mix with some melted butter, and press that into the pan to form the crust.

The filling is delicious, and Philadelphia-style cheesecakes are creamier than the New York-style, and this recipe uses both sour cream and heavy whipping cream to achieve that creamy texture.  I used lemon extract in mine, but purists would likely leave that out.

Philadelphia-style Cheesecake

  • 16 oz. cream cheese, room temperature
  • 8 oz. sour cream
  • 1/2 c. heavy whipping cream
  • 4 eggs
  • 1 c. sugar
  • 3/4 tsp. lemon extract

On low speed, beat cream cheese and eggs to blend, creating a smooth mixture.  Add sugar and beat to blend.  Add sour cream and whipping cream, along with lemon extract.  Beat to blend.  (Remember, you want as little air as possible added to mixture.)  Pour mixture into 9 or 10″ springform pan lined with gingerbread dough.  Bake for 30-40 minutes at 325 degrees F.  Cool and then refrigerate several hours or overnight (best overnight!)

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