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Cheesecake strikes again…

I’m not the queen of cheesecake in our family, but I did introduce the queen to the concept, which I suppose is some consolation to losing the crown, right?  It is the highest compliment to the teacher when the student … Continue reading

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The cost of eating increase (when there is no inflation)

In case you’d not heard, we don’t have noticeable inflation.  I am sure that you are glad to hear that, because if you are like me, you have noticed considerable inflation at the store.  Some examples: mini powdered donuts were … Continue reading

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Butternut Squash

Squash makes an easy vegetable dish.  I will admit, this is my preferred way to serve it.  It is ultra simple and tasty. Butternut squash is one of my favorites.  It’s rarely excessively fibrous, and has a delicate flavor.  Its … Continue reading

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Pork chops make for an easy supper

Pork chops are a Gulf Coast standard.  There are as many ways to cook them as there are cooks who cook them.  All too often, today’s pork ends up dry, tasteless, and less-than-wonderful as a main dish.  This particular recipe, … Continue reading

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Have you ever made an Italian style cheese cake?

Have you ever made an Italian style cheese cake?  Do you even know what the difference is between an Italian, New York, or Philadelphia cheesecake? Recently, I had made a Philadelphia style cheesecake–the creamy style that includes cream and sour … Continue reading

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Cures for the budget minded cook

Its not uncommon for families to have to “make-do” with cutting back on the grocery budget, as that is often the only place the budget has to “flex” to cover increased costs for other items or to cope with a … Continue reading

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Celebratory Dinner

Last night, in celebration of the completion of the Great Repair on our Chevy Venture van, we had a special dinner to celebrate.  In reality, it was extremely simple, but it featured beef, something we eat very little of in … Continue reading

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