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Eat, drink and be merry-and the recipes to do it!

Over the next twelve days, as in the twelve days of Christmas…there are going to be more cookies baked, more drinks served, and more food plans made than any other time of year except maybe, just MAYBE, Thanksgiving.  It’s the … Continue reading

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Tom and Jerry batter

Tom and Jerry’s are a hot alcoholic beverage and require a batter as the base for this mysterious drink.  The batter is put in a cup with a jigger of whichever kind of alcohol is preferred, then topped off with … Continue reading

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Put a little spice in your life

Sometimes, it’s nice just to WIN something, right?  Even if its a random thing and not by merit, there is an amazing amount of fun in just being that “lucky” person. It’s even better when you win something worth taking … Continue reading

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