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Garbanzo beans or chick peas

Have you ever cooked dry garbanzo beans, also known as chick peas? They are these rather large and lumpy looking tan balls, very roundish and reminiscent of peas, at least to me.  I remember trying to cook them once, but … Continue reading

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Steamed chocolate pudding fail?

The steamed chocolate pudding didn’t get rave reviews on the first effort.  It wasn’t sweet enough, was too dry, and just didn’t measure up on a number of counts.  So, we look at the recipe, and we decided the sugar … Continue reading

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Creating a recipe: Chocolate steamed pudding

I wanted a chocolate steamed pudding. Moist, intensely chocolate, with chocolate chunks in it, but not too sweet. Sort of like a half-sweet brownie was the sweet I wanted. I searched recipes, looking for the “perfect” recipe for what I wanted, after all, it couldn’t be THAT unusual, right?
Remember that pasta pot you got with the strainer insert that you NEVER use? That makes an EXCELLENT pudding steamer! Fill the pot to just even with the bottom of the insert, place filled steam pudding mold inside of it, put the lid on and set it over high heat. Don’t start counting time until the water is boiling because it is the steam from the boiling water that provides the heat for cooking a steamed pudding. Continue reading

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New Year, luck, fortune, and food

So what traditions will you observe in the coming New Year? Prosperity is definitely on everyone’s minds as we strive towards economic recovery despite unemployment and underemployment. Many people are having a hard time, struggling to survive and cutting back on expenses. Even those of us who are barely getting by can afford to have a cheap meal one night a week and donate that little bit we saved on our own food budget towards a food bank or other charity of choice, helping the less fortunate towards regaining their independence. Continue reading

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Steamed puddings, plum pudding, and an easy winter dessert

I’ll admit it, I make plum pudding each year for Christmas.  I have a lot of recipes for plum pudding, and it isn’t the same each year.  It’s always different.  Some years, it has no candied fruit and is made … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas!

Sometimes, the best laid plans of the most serious cook go awry. You run out of time, out of propane, out of ingredients, or just plain out of energy to complete the task.  Children, pets, spouses, jobs, friends…all need attention … Continue reading

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Christmas bell cookies

I remember these Christmas bells from my own childhood, though I rarely made them myself as an adult.  I’m not really sure why–they aren’t hard and have a lot of bang for the amount of effort.  These are perfect for … Continue reading

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