Bacon toffee and bacon ice cream

Bacon was the topic of conversation this morning.  We don’t eat bacon very often.  It’s not really so much because of the high fat and cholesterol content as it is because of the high cost for that fat.  The bacon we use is usually a treat when camping or used as a flavoring in other dishes.  I must confess–I’m a big fan of Hormel real bacon bits that come conveniently packaged in the resealable package.  I use them often in omelets, pasta dishes, and assorted other places.  I also frequently remind my other half that a serving is a single tablespoon.  He has a hard time with that sometimes.

Still, it made me go on a pursuit of bacon recipes.  I found a couple that were REALLY interesting.  I had never dreamed of bacon being used in candy, despite of hearing about chocolate covered bacon.  Still, thinking about bacon toffee was intriguing.

The same thing with bacon ice cream.  I happen to find jalapeno ice cream very tasty.  I like odd flavor combinations sometimes.  I love grilled bacon and peanut butter sandwiches (another place I use the Hormel bacon bits when I make them, which isn’t often.)  The idea of bacon ice cream, candied or not, is very intriguing.

This mystery place?  It’s other blogs, although much older and more polished than the one you are reading.  Off the Bone is a great read-check it out for some distant inspiration.  The toffee article is found here, and the ice cream post is found on David Lebovitz’ blog here.  Both blogs have the recipes, along with photos.  I actually can’t wait to try them both!


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