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Holiday baking and the Christmas cookie season

Holiday baking is probably the primary baking season, and the undisputed King of holiday foods is the Christmas cookie. All sizes, shapes, and types make their appearance, some are traditional, some are modern, and some are entirely whimsical.  We even … Continue reading

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November fades into December, and the open house party

Holiday cooking makes its debut with Thanksgiving.  That holiday has its regional and national favorites.  Few people can imagine Thanksgiving day without a turkey taking center stage in all of its golden brown glory.  Pumpkin pie runs a hot second, … Continue reading

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Tater puff casserole is the ultimate comfort food meal

Comfort food…that mysterious term that connects the human stomach to the human psyche…and leaves us lost still.  In reality, it usually indicates a simple and inexpensive food that is often associated with our childhoods and that sensation that the world … Continue reading

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Hungarian style cabbage and noodles

Meatless dishes are economical dishes to make, especially when served as the main course.  Even when served alongside meat based foods, they help to make the meal seem more bountiful and sumptuous than the budget for the dinner really was.  … Continue reading

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Creamy grits with corn & andouille sausage

Grits are probably one of the more popular comfort foods in the southern portion of the United States.  Like most comfort foods, they are not real exciting on their own, but this familiar food takes the addition of corn and … Continue reading

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Leftover turkey ideas with recipes for people (and dogs!)

I know that most people haven’t even put their turkey into the oven yet.  No one has sampled the perfectly cooked beastie, and yet here I am already talking about the leftovers.  There is method to my madness. Sometimes thinking … Continue reading

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The perfect Thanksgiving

We spend days preparing for the meal, hours shopping, weeks are spent cleaning.  Then we spend hours cooking the food, putting immense amounts of love and care into each and every dish.  We want it to be perfect.  We’ve spent … Continue reading

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